What is KerrySciTech?

And how does it help the Irish STEM community?

When asked the question ‘what is KerrySciTech’ you would probably hazard a guess at “erm…something to do with science and technology in Kerry?’”

And you would be right…

But you might be a little unsure about what we actually do and who we serve. Are we building computers out of Cahersiveen? Robots out of Rathmore? Or pharma out of Farranfore?

Let’s find out…

So, what is KerrySciTech?

KerrySciTech is a not-for-profit organisation that is passionate about showcasing and supporting the ever-growing *STEM community in the Kerry region.

*If you’re not familiar with the term STEM, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

We have over 60 members from across the STEM industry and supporters in Kerry, West Limerick and Cork and help our member companies grow by advancing various programmes and initiatives across:

  • Skills
  • Talent 
  • Leadership
  • Business development
  • Funding
  • Regional economic marketing. 

We also ‘join the dots’ across the region so our wider community benefits from the huge vibrancy and value of STEM activities in Kerry – be it career opportunities (have you seen our jobs board?) blogs about people who have made Kerry their home or the exciting events and initiatives happening right here on our doorstep. 

We also inspire the next generation with our schools engagement programmes

Working with over 10 strategic partners across the region we drive projects (be it working with agencies and organizations to market Kerry, driving wellbeing initiatives or helping companies access funding), we are supporting our STEM sector which, in turn, drives wider economic impact across all sectors in Kerry. 

We enjoy a wonderful lifestyle in this corner of the world. Everyone should enjoy a thriving career as well.

So, now you should have a clearer understanding of what we do. Over the coming days we’re going to delve a little deeper into each of these areas.

Stay tuned…