Meet KerrySciTech’s Members

And find out how they are helping the region’s STEM sector thrive. 

In our previous blog, we took a broad look at what KerrySciTech does and who it serves. In a nutshell, our mission is to connect, promote, influence and develop Kerry’s science, technology and engineering ecosystem. Today we’re going to take a closer look at KerryScitech’s Members.

The word 'Together' on a sign

So, who are our members?

Over 65 Kerry-based organisations are either members or strategic partners of KerrySciTech. Each offers either employment, education, training or business support within the local STEM Sector. They are all featured on our KerrySciTech website and many have profiles on our jobbio jobs board. This gives you a chance to look behind the door of each company and find out more. You’ll also be the first to know when they’re hiring as all employment opportunities are posted here

KerrySciTech’s members range from homegrown success stories to large multinational organisations. Indigenous members include well-known names such as Kerry Group, Fexco, Dairymaster, Aspen Grove, Tricel and Tweak, as well as high-growth companies like ViClarity, Salaso, Diomac, Athena Analytics and BioAtlantis.

Our multinational members include Astellas in Killorglin, JRI America in Tralee, Kostal in Abbeyfeale, Liebherr in Killarney and Listal in Listowel. 

What do these companies do?

There’s some exciting stuff happening behind the scenes in some of our STEM companies.

In the world of Science, BioAtlantis (based in Tralee) specialise in the development and production of bioactives from natural sources for the plant, animal and human health markets. And Astellas are producing lifesaving drugs, all from Killorglin.  

If you’re interested in Technology we have members spanning virtually every sector. From Regulatory Technology (RegTech) with ViClarity and Property Technology (PropTech) with Standard Access. When it comes to Financial Technology (FinTech) we have big-hitter Fexco. We also have Taxamo who are revolutionising tax management globally for businesses selling online. In Education Technology (EdTech) there are companies such as Athena Analytics and School Grove Technology

The list is endless. From ACE to Xintec our member companies are driving innovation right across the technology spectrum. 

Is Engineering or Manufacturing your thing? Many of our members have been operating out of our region for decades. Kerry remains a stronghold for delivering innovation at a global scale. Look at Dairymaster in Causeway who are global leaders in AgriTech. Or Reamda who have developed military and engineering products for national and international markets for over 20 years. Many companies who are new to the scene are helping others enter the age of industry 4.0. This includes the Gallarus team with skillsets spanning industrial automation, internet of things, data analytics, cybersecurity and much more. There is also Wazp, who continue to grow their offering in additive manufacturing.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

What’s the benefit of being one of KerrySciTech’s Members?

Through our STEM cluster and the interactions between members and strategic partners, we are helping spark and further fuel the growth that’s made the Kerry region synonymous with producing entrepreneurial success. 

Behind the scenes, we are supporting business prosperity by being connectors. We link business people with change-makers: investors, advisors, industry leaders, partners and employees, and we introduce companies to new opportunities, customers and employees. 

Through our network, which spans well beyond the county bounds, we are figuring out what makes Kerry work;- sharing resources and knowledge with our members and partners to make sure our region continues to thrive.  

And we love sharing Kerry’s success stories

We keep our community and onlookers up-to-date by sharing all that is great about our companies and the people behind them. 

But self-praise is no praise, so we’ll leave you with a testimonial from KerrySciTech member Wazp. 

To say being a member of Kerry Sci-Tech has been hugely beneficial to WAZP is a big understatement. It is great to hear it is gaining new members and continuing to grow. They have helped with:

  1. Acquiring talent

  2. Connecting us with both academic and industry partners

  3. Business Development

  4. Gaining knowledge

  5. Improving our CSR

  6. Connecting us with other clusters

  7. Boosting our profile locally and nationally

  8. and have brought us opportunities constantly

We believe that together we can achieve so much more. We love sharing success so come and join us.

Interested in becoming a member? Find out how…