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Company Description

Wazp is a Digital Supply Chain company based in Ireland, that gives enterprises, SMEs and start-ups the tools to develop, produce and sell 3D printed products at volume and at costs that compete with legacy production through software, industry defining prices and smart supply chain network.

Wazp was founded by Shane Hassett and Mariana Kobal in 2014, with the goal to making 3D printing accessible to everybody.

Through experience of working in the manufacturing industry, they identified a need for enhanced flexibility and wider choice for companies designing, developing and selling products, which legacy production methods were slow to offer.

The company is built on a mission to bring 3D printed products in volume to many customers, through continuous development and improvement of Wazp Digital Supply Chain Solution, connecting businesses, resources, technology and customers into a global 3D Printing Ecosystem and leading the industry by example through proven standards for new businesses models.

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