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  • Founded Date January 1, 1949
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Company Description

Liebherr was founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. The company’s successful growth and stable structure are thanks to his ideas and great personal commitment. In the 60-plus years since the company was founded, Liebherr has demonstrated stability and reliability, thanks to the personal commitment of the company owners and the credo of the family enterprise.

As an independent family-run business, Liebherr enjoys strong discretionary powers in all of its activities. The shareholders of the Group are second- and third-generation descendants of the company founder and play an active role in the company themselves. They run the organisation with the same tradition, and thereby ensure continuity and security.

Managing with responsibility

The family partners are conscious of their managerial responsibilities and specify a clear, structured path for healthy further development of the company. By doing this, they are safeguarding jobs and preserving the integrity as a business partner form important corporate directives.

Thanks to the high equity ratio and a broad product portfolio, Liebherr is able to compensate for fluctuations in the market economy. In terms of long-term, prospective-orientated success, any profit that is made is reinvested and remains within the company. Along with responsible management, this healthy financial basis secures the future of the company and provides workplace security.

Value-orientated corporate structure

Employees are involved in the family business. This fundamental approach affords the management the freedom to act self-dependently and is an expression of trust. Every individual feels accountable for the success of the company and benefits from it with a great deal of commitment and passion.

With customers and business partners, too, Liebherr nurtures long-term, close relations over many years or even decades. This is distinguished by respect, fairness and trust. Liebherr places great value on being able to react quickly and flexibly to customers’ wishes and being able to realize these with the aid of innovative technologies. The highest demands in quality are applied here. A close working relationship with customers and the high significance placed on customer benefit form the basis of the company’s success and belong to the tradition of the family-run business.