Aspen Grove Solutions

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Company Description

Aspen Grove Solutions is a leading enterprise provider of property servicing technology solutions for asset management, property preservation, vendor management, compliance, REO, and short sale. We give our clients the tools to manage their assets through the entire life cycle and optimise their business processes. By partnering with Aspen and using our configurable property servicing platform and vendor management tools, our clients eliminate costs, improve quality, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Why We Are Different

Aspen’s property servicing platform is unique to the industry. We are revolutionising default servicing. How? By focusing on solutions that manage everything to do with the property asset while complementing loan servicing.  Servicers gain because they have a single view of everything that happens on the asset level, no matter which third-party vendor or internal team member carries out the work.  These servicers get the tools they need to manage default operations, but they also address industry problems such as cost control and recovery, investor allowable management & gathering of claim data, elimination of bill-backs, vendor oversight, compliance & reputational risk, quality control, and community safety. We believe that better outcomes for servicers lead to better outcomes for borrowers.

Where It All Began

Established in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1997 and now based in Frederick, Maryland, Aspen has grown into an international business with operations in the United States and Europe.  The Aspen Workflow System made Aspen the first company in the world to implement hosted technology for law firms. This process streamlined the workflow, tracking, and timeline of foreclosure management for attorneys.

The Aspen Property Servicing Platform

Aspen’s partners now include the United States’ largest mortgage servicers. They started using Aspen’s technology for pre-foreclosure asset management, REO, BPO, and property maintenance, repair, and preservation in 2000. Today, they are still using Aspen to optimise revenue, efficiency, and peace of mind. These leading organisations use the Aspen property servicing platform to manage the life cycle of billions of dollars’ worth of assets.

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