Highlighting job opportunities in Kerry

Michael Scannell, Economic & Communities development Kerry County Council, and Brid McElligott, Vice President – Research, Development and External Engagement, at the Institute of Technology, Tralee

ACCORDING TO BRID McElligott, Vice President, Research, Development and External Engagement at the Institute, “promoting a diversity of employment opportunities in the area of science and technology is vital if Kerry is to bring new businesses and companies to the county and link them with qualified recruits and professionals.

“Providing a single web portal for companies looking to advertise positions and attract and recruit staff makes it easier for those companies to do so and ensures that those interested in working in science and technology in Kerry can find vacancies in one online location.”

Michael Scannell, Director of Services at Kerry County Council, says finding the right fit for an individual’s skills and experience can sometimes be a daunting task, but the kerryscitech.com website gives science and technology professionals the ability to target the most suitable vacancies.

“As a local authority, Kerry County Council has repeatedly emphasised the benefits of living and working in Kerry.  “An initiative like SciTech, which gives companies access to talented and experienced recruits, will further enhance the county’s attractiveness from an employment point of view.”

Collaboration with industry is also vital to the initiative’s success, he says.  “The buy-in of leading companies in the region is welcome and shows how public bodies and the private sector can work successfully together to promote the economic development of the county.

“The new portal also brings job opportunities in Kerry to a national and international audience and will attract new graduates as well as those who may have left the county in recent years and might be considering a return.”