Creating a Science & Technology jobs hotspot

Seán Ryan, CEO of Aspen Grove, Shane Hassett, CEO of Wazp, Derek O’Sullivan, Crua Outdoors, and Aoife O’Carroll, Technical Writer,  Aspen Grove Solutions


KERRYSCITECH IS AN exciting and innovative approach by companies in Kerry to source appropriately qualified personnel to work in science and technology across a spectrum of companies in the county.

Based at the Tom Crean Business Centre, KerrySciTech is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at promoting and highlighting Kerry as a science and technology hotspot.

The KerrySciTech website enables members to advertise their jobs through a single web portal. Job seekers will then apply for those jobs directly to the member company. Members of Kerry Scitech to date include Aspen Grove Solutions, Borgwarner, FEXCO, Dairymaster, Bioatlantis, Liebherr, Pulse Learning and Pitman Publishing.

The Kerry Technology Park, the IT Tralee and Kerry County Council are key sponsors of the KerrySciTech project.

“Kerry offers many advantages as a place to work and live. Acquiring the appropriate talent for companies in the region can be a challenge, especially in the areas of science and technology.

“Collectively, the companies in the region saw an opportunity whereby through collaboration we could position Kerry as a hotspot for science and technology jobs,” said Sean Ryan, CEO of Aspen Grove Solutions.

“It is important that any job seeker who is looking at Kerry as a place of work can see at a glance the number and extent of job prospects in the county.  “This portal showcases the breadth of career opportunities in Kerry.”

John Daly, Research and Innovation Manager at Dairymaster, said one of the main objectives of KerryScitech over the coming months is to increase the number of companies participating in the initiative, and to market the portal nationally and internationally as a ‘Go-To site’ for those wishing to secure a science or technology job based in Kerry.

“Kerry is an excellent base to work and – it offers many advantages over larger urban centres including shorter commute times to work, high quality reasonably priced accommodation, excellent educational options for all ages and most importantly the opportunity to have that necessary work/ life balance.

“In addition the number of companies that operate in the science and technology areas in Kerry offer excellent career prospects to any job seeker,” he said. Guillaume Py, Innovation Management Lead, FEXCO said the timing of the launch of KerryScitech is opportune for companies in the region and for job seekers.

“The holiday season sees a lot of people visit the county over the coming weeks. Through the KerryScitech website, we have the opportunity to profile the job opportunities available immediately in 2017,” he said.

“With a new year, there are also new opportunities especially in the employment market in Kerry. I would encourage all readers to disseminate details of our website to their visitors and assist us in ensuring the best of talent comes and stays in Kerry.” To sign up or for further details please visit