Hiring a Software Developer in Kerry: Top 5 Tips

Ireland is a base for 9 of the top 10 U.S. tech companies, so we have no problems getting the big names in technology to set up here. What is proving more challenging, however, is the search for tech talent. Even in Dublin, companies are facing real difficulties hiring skilled software developers, so technology recruiters in more rural locations like Kerry must compete for an even smaller pool of talent.

Here’s what you need to do:

Promote a strong company culture

Research reveals that tech employees value certain corporate traits above others. A 2016 study of employee reviews on the IT job search site Glassdoor found that the companies with the highest employee morale were those described as having:

  • A fast pace
  • A culture of learning
  • Good career opportunities
  • A non-bureaucratic structure

A strong company culture is about far more than free massages or games consoles. Focus on adding authenticity and depth to your culture for happier developers and engineers.

Offer interesting work

In a survey of 1,400 developers conducted by Polish software development firm Netguru and Spanish start-up Typeform, 85 percent of respondents revealed that money was less important to them than working on an interesting project.

If you gain a reputation as a company with difficult problems to solve, you can attract top talent from anywhere. The best candidates want work that is challenging and rewarding.

Employ Quality Staff

Success begets success, so if you can secure the services of good people, other talented individuals will follow. It will take substantial investment of time and effort (not to mention money) to get top engineers to work in your company, but once you do, they will attract other top engineers and help to establish a strong tech culture in the organisation. The best engineers want to work with other strong engineers, so you can encourage good tech talent to join by having good tech talent on board.

Allow remote working

Kerry may be one of the world’s most beautiful places to work, but it is a distance from many of the major urban centres. That doesn’t really matter if you allow remote working, however. Indeed, many developers won’t even consider working for you if you don’t offer this working option: The Netguru/Typeform survey showed that nearly 40 percent of the developers surveyed were keen to work from home.

The telecommuting option also means you can cast your net far wider in your search for developers. If you’re worried about keeping track of what your employees are doing outside of the office, tools including Lync, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Slack mean you can monitor productivity.

Encourage Diversity

Recruiting from abroad has become much easier, particularly if your prospects are based in the European Economic Area, where permits and visas are not an issue. Retaining a broad mix of nationalities and ethnicities on your staff encourages innovation and dynamism in your company culture.

Gender diversity can be a bigger challenge, with the dearth of female engineers in technology companies now a global issue. Encouraging female staff to refer prospective employees to the organisation can help.

In the end, money is only one factor in attracting key tech talent. You will have to incorporate these and other tactics in your strategy to hire and retain good technical staff.

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